Week 1 Artist Interview- Brittany Mojo


I picked the work of artist Brittany Mojo to look into because I found it so visually different from everything else.  There were so many different colors, all kind of feminine in my opinion, that I enjoyed.  They were shades that were almost pastel but not really, it came across as very calm to me.  The artist Brittany Mojo is a student at UCLA.  The piece was entitled “Always Be Knolling” and that seemed to make more sense to me than a lot of the other artists titles in the galleries this week.  Knolling means arranging objects in a parallel way to organize them, so her work was doing that completely.

At the center of the piece, was a painting of a room, with lots of different patterns and shapes, though it seemed to flow in a way.  Then all around that on the wall were various different materials and plants and objects that almost depicted the painting but in a more 3D way.  I thought that was a really clever way to display it and it made me think and look through the painting to see where each pattern or object was displayed with an actual object that was similar yet dissimilar at the same time.  I liked the odd representation of everything and the piece really made me think.

As I read about the artist Brittany Mojo on the GLAMFA website, she stated that she is interested in “process”.  I feel like that describes her artwork perfectly.  Everything her work includes is almost like work in progress.  Its like she took all the components of the painting of a bedroom and layer them out vertically on the wall.  The entire wall was covered with so many different patterns, textures, objects, and colors.  It was extremely visually  appealing in my opinion and very interesting to look at and try to decipher where she got the inspiration to use one object to represent another that was in the painting.


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