Week 1 Classmate Interview- Kamani Falls



Kamani and I both quickly found interest in a piece in the first gallery we went into.  The piece was by an artist from CSU Northridge.  It was entitled Who Do You Worship? and then included four separate images of very well known celebrity women.  Kamani found interest in the image of Beyonce, a woman many girls look up to and want to be like.  I on the other hand found more interest in the image of Miley Cyrus, as it said “keep calm and glorify trash”, because Miley has just undergone a huge change in her persona but still maintains her millions of fans.

The reason we both found interest in the pieces was  because we felt like we understood them.  To us, it was as if the artist was saying we all worship these women for good and bad reasons.  Beyonce, because she’s a singer and known for her beauty.  Women all around the world aspire to be like Beyonce in whatever way they can, whether its dressing like her or acting in the same manner as she does.  We worship Miley because she’s just changed so much recently, even though she is now known for smoking weed and dressing like a “ratchet” little girls are still huge fans of her and listen to all her music and attend concerts, follow her on all her social media, and buy her merchandise.

As me and Kamani talked more about ourselves we found out that we had a lot more in common.  We’re both Child Development majors.  Kamani is also minoring in business though, as she hopes to open her own child day care center.  As we walked around all the galleries we both realized that with a lot of the pieces we spent most of our time just trying to figure out what they were and what they could possible mean.  Some of the pieces we thought were interesting and then would see the title of them and be more confused than when we first saw it.  Overall, it was interesting seeing all of the artwork from GLAMFA and we enjoyed it.


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