Week 2 Activity- Instagram

photo 1photo 2

This weeks activity was under the topic of relational aesthetics.  What we actually had to do though was post at least 4 photos on Instagram throughout the day, and see what everyone came up with.  I turned out to really be surprised by the images that I chose to post as well as my classmates and the activity ended up being really fun and interesting.

The most interesting thing I found in this weeks activity was the types of pictures each of us chose to post.  I noticed that all the images I picked were of my ordinary daily tasks in some photographic form.  First, sitting outside for class, then taking notes, later a photo of some GLAMFA art I enjoyed, and lastly my laptop as I watched some Netflix.  My classmates surprised me though as I saw how creative everyone was.  They were all posting photos of more artsy things like the flowers on campus, the beach, food they ate, etc.  Seeing everyone else’s posts almost made me feel like I had a pretty lackluster Thursday.

Overall though, what I noticed most through all of our pictures was that our class seems to be pretty happy.  In all the selfies and pictures with friends everyone looks so energetic and excited to be doing whatever they were up to.  I really enjoyed this activity and getting a quick glimpse at everyone else’s daily lives as we are all similar in ways, many of us posting pictures at school on campus, but so different in that what we are doing on campus and who we are with differ so much. I found it really interesting and it changed my perspective of how similar we all actually are.


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