Week 2 Artist Interview- Shiva Aliabadi

photo 1-2

This week the artist whose work I chose to focus on was Shiva Aliabadi.  She is a student at the art school Otis, and the piece that I was intrigued by was entitled “Traces II”.  I found the piece as I wandered to the last room of art, and when I walked inside I gravitated towards it immediately.  When I looked Shiva Aliabadi up on the GLAMFA website, I thought the way she described what her art means was very interesting and changed my perspective of the piece.

Shiva’s vision in producing this piece of art was to show traces in the studios environment she says.  The art is supposed to represent old art that was once there in the past, like a remnant of it.  I thought the color she used for the powder was very dramatic and thus draws attention to anyone looking in the galleries.  Aside form that, the lines that powder surrounds were so perfect and untouched that it reminded me of someone putting tape on a wall then painting it and removing the tape.  It shows so clearly that something was there in the past and that nothing can now take its place.

I was really interested in the piece, but also kid of confused by it.  The role of plastic I believe it was that was hanging from the wall really made me rethink the artworks meaning.  I couldn’t figure out if that was supposed to represent what had been there in the past as well, or if it was representing the powder that was on the floor since it was the same color.  Overall I really enjoyed this piece by Shiva Aliabadi as well as her other pieces that were displayed in the galleries this week.


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