Week 2 Classmate Interview- Marilyn Castillo


This week my classmate interview was with Marilyn Castillo.  We became quick friends right before class and once we got to talking we found out we had a few things in common.  First, were both Child Development majors who want to use the degree to go into social work.  Second, we are also both sophomores. Lastly though and what I found the most coincidental is that we were both originally nursing majors that decided to switch to Child Development.

Once Marilyn and I were acquainted and walking through the galleries, we both caught our eye on the last room that we walked through.  It was a photograph of a sculpture like thing taken by the artists Jennifer Frias and Christina Lee.  The 2 artists constructed the sculpture in a Dollar Tree store and it was made up of everyday items like dish soap, plastic boxes, mouth wash, and martini glasses.  We both believed that the point of the art was to show how ordinary things, when arranged unconventionally, can actually come across as very visually appealing and beautiful pieces of art.

The title of the piece was “Artist in Residence Project: Dollar Tree, Fullerton, Ca.”  When we looked at it after reading that we were eve more convinced that the point of the art was to show how ordinary things can be extraordinary.  You take an artist and put them in an everyday, very basic situation, and they can put together and come up with great ideas for rearranging anything into something magnificent.  Along with the rearranging of the objects, we found it interesting the way that the artists used different shades of blue for the objects and that they mixed different materials like glass, plastic, and liquids.


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