Week 3 Activity- Kickstarter Pitch

This weeks activity was to first go onto the Kickstarter website and browse through to pick one we enjoyed, and then to take it a step further and make our own.  The kickstarted that I really liked was for PLAYBULB candle.  I picked this one after browsing aroung the website for a few mints, and it ended up being something I was extremely interested in purchasing.  The whole idea of a candle that’s flameless and can be controlled through your phone, but still blown out like a normal candle is interesting to me.  I loved that the color range was endless, and that you could even use it as a holder for a real candle.

The reason this Kickstarter caught my attention the most though  was because the video was so well made.  The background music and titles were super calming and intriguing, while the information and being shown how the candle actually works was being explained effortlessly.  The way they showed the audience how everything works was impeccable and it’s not surprising that though they were only trying to make $5,000 they have already reached far more, $88,000.  It was very well done and almost reminiscent of an apple commercial for something like the unveiling of a new iPhone or iPad.  I would definitely buy the product and I really enjoyed the video.

After watching such an amazing video I worked with Kamani Falls to make our own.  We are Child Development Majors and decided to make a video petitioning for funds to remodel our hypothetical preschool. Our Kickstart Pitch video is below:



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