Week 3 Artist Interview- Patricia Rangel

photo 2-2photo 3

This week, my artist interview came from the ridiculously talented Patricia Rangel.  It says on the beach arts page that she is a metals student, so I really like and find it interesting that she incorporates dirt and like cement into her work.  Patricia was the only artist I saw while at the exhibit, and I really liked the change as we haven’t hard artists during class the past couple weeks.  I liked that I got to put a face to the beautiful ark that we were viewing.

Patricia’s work was entitled “A New Foundation”.  As I walked into the gallery I didn’t quite know what I was stepping into.  At first glance I thought the piece was meant to be a maze.  Then, I saw the metal work on the wall and wondered if that corresponded to what was layer out on the floor.  Either way,  I thought both were extremely visually appealing and modern looking.  I liked the different shapes that the dirt was compressed into, though I originally thought they were big pieces of cement.

Once I read the artists explanation on the wall everything began to click for me.  The dirt used to make these pieces was from all different walks of life.  From the road, to a backyard, to the cemetery, and even a ranch.  I really like that they were used in combination and compacted together to form something completely new.  I feel like the meaning of the artwork was to show how things taken out of context and put somewhere else with other items that are out of their element can be made into something completely organic and new that has its’ own pieces and placement.  Though the pieces were essentially a bunch of smaller things put near one another, I felt as if the art flowed very well and you could definitely tell it was one body of art, one piece, not just multiple pieces being displayed side by side.  I really enjoyed this artists pieces and would enjoy seeing more of her work in the future.


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