Week 3 Classmate Interview- Rachel Price

photo 1-3

This week, my classmate interview was with Rachel Price.  We’ve had classes together in the past, but had never introduced to ourselves before.  She was super nice and I found out a lot of really cool stuff about her.  First off, she’s a sophomore like myself.  Beyond that, she is undeclared but pre-psych.  When we got into really looking at the art this week, we both immediately agreed that we should do the interview based on Christopher Vavrek’s work.  Unfortunately, the artist wasn’t there for us to talk with so we could understand it a bit more, but we still had our own opinions about the work.

The piece was entitled “server and protect the virus [too big to succeed]”.  We were both in a way mesmerized by how much was going in when we finally got our chance to go inside the exhibit.  All around us we saw broken television and computer screens, tons of keyboards, trash on the ground, and wires everywhere.  In our opinions, the meaning of this was confusion.  We felt like the point was to make the audience overwhelmed or surprised by the amount of technology that is around us everyday.  On most of the screens was just fuzz and a buzzing sound, but on one screen against the wall towards the floor we saw a face.  It was the only one in the room and that intrigued us.  We couldn’t figure out the meaning of it.

Then at the end as we were about to leave the gallery we saw the thesis paper by the artist.  This made the piece of work have way more sense in our opinion.  The artist was basically stating that he takes the pieces that have been discarded and puts them all together.  It is meant to signify how obsessed our current society is with technology.  We believe that the artist is saying that once some new technology comes out though, we simply throw away the old as it now has no value to us and move on to the next big thing.  I thought this exhibit was really interesting and I really enjoyed it.


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