Week 4 Artist Interview- Maccabee Shelley


This week my artist interview was with Maccabee Shelley, who had some amazing artwork on display for us.  I really enjoyed this work and found it really beautiful.  I was really interested to find out what the meaning behind the artwork was, and when I finally got to read the artists statement about the artwork I was really impressed.

I went onto Maccabee’s website after class, to try and find out more about the artwork and i ended up being really intrigued by what the artist had to say.  In the statements section of the website I began to read in pursuit of the meaning of the art and found the exact opposite.  In the statements it specifically said that the point of the art was not knowing what it really meant.  The ice was that the art was universal, it went beyond words, and that was the beauty of it.  The artist believes that if you can explain the meaning of it exactly and very easily there was no point in ever really creating the art.

Overall I really liked Maccabee’s artwork I enjoyed the colors of the glass and how they were all melted together and combined it was really beautiful to me. The different colors and the way it was arranged, as well as the different structures and the fact that the bottles in their original form were sticking out of part of it really stood out to me and I was impressed by the artists work.


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