Week 4 Classmate Interview- Ariana Rivera


This week, my partner for classmate interview was Ariana Rivera.  We met right as class was starting as her and her friends were scrambling to find partners.  When we got talking, I found out some really cool stuff about Ariana.  She is  a 3rd year student, and her major is hospitality management.  That surprised me because I didn’t even know that was an option at CSULB, so that was really interesting.  As I looked it up later that basically means she wants to become a manager at a company or business so that she could maybe open her own company in the future. A good leader in the making. Very exciting in my opinion.

IMG_4395As we entered the first gallery, we saw all kinds of textures on the paintings of the 2 artists who did a collaboration.  All the pieces were covered with materials like string, wood, fabric, and clay.  Then we looked on the last wall in the room and noticed that it was the only one done only with paint, no other materials.  We really liked this one because it was unique from the others and had so many bright colors on it.  When we got a chance to talk to the artist from the collaboration that was present, her name was Helena Bae, we asked her a few questions.

First, we asked her what their inspiration was, and then why the one piece was the only one exclusively done in paint.  She told us that the point of their work was to take risks, and then react to them.  Her and the other artist, Oscar Mendoza, would each take some type of risk and put something onto the canvas, then the other would react to it by putting what they thought was visually appealing.  She used the term “making it work” to describe it and I liked that, because all the pieces did work in my opinion.  To explain the piece that was done in paint only she made it really simple for us and told us she had made a rule that they were only going to use paint on that one, and use the others that had other materials incorporated as their inspiration, just to see how it would come out.  I really enjoyed this week and these artists’ work was beautiful.


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