Week 4 Activity- Plaster Casting

This week, our activity was plaster casting. As we talked about in class on Tuesday, I was a little worried about whether I was going to be able to find the time to get to the beach as well as do the casting correctly. After we watched the video of past students doing it though, I was more confident about the whole thing. I ended up going to the beach with Kamani from class, and we did it in about an hour and were really happy with the results.

The project was actually really fun, we enjoyed ourselves. We picked up plaster and the other materials right before, then met in Manhattan beach. It was sunny so we did our work right under the pier, Kamani’s amazing idea. Our first molds weren’t that great, but we made about 3 each so by the end once we had filled them all with the plaster mixture we each got at least 1 that we were happy with. I was surprised how thin the plaster mix was once with the water, I always thought it was thicker than that once mixed. once we put it into themolds I was also surprised at how it didn’t sink into the sand and dried so quicky. Overall, it was a really fun day and we ended up getting ice cream after!


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