Week 5 Classmate Interview- Kseniya Meshcheryakova


This week, my parent was Kseniya! She was super nice and we got along right off the bat.  Though she was dressed as a workout girl for our activity this week, her usual attire is that of Business major transferring to Biology.  As we got to talking,  I saw some really good sketches in her notebook and then found out that both of her parents are artists.  She told me she has been drawing ever since she was a kid and that she has even been published in a local magazine.


As we made our way into the first gallery, we both immediately gravitated towards one peeve in particular.  It was beautiful to say the least, and featured the beach which we are both fond of.  What was interesting about the picture was that in the photo you could see the beach outside of the window, but then when you looked down there was water from the share coming up inside the room.  Together, we interpreted this as a symbol that the indoors always returns to the outdoors, almost as if nature is stronger than people.  It was a really cool image and we both stared at it for about 5 minutes in awe.


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