Week 5 Artist Interview- Mike Lewis

IMG_4502 IMG_4504

The artist who’s work really intrigued me this week was Mike Lewis.  As I walked into the gallery covered with his work, I was greeted with a huge piece consisting of many photos, some with parts cut out of them.  From first glance, I was a little confused by the whole thing but as I looked at all the war photos a little more carefully it started to make more sense.  In my train of thought, I believed it was referring to the censorship of media.  I came up with this because they were photos from combat it seemed like and had soldiers, and since pieces were cut out I thought that could represent some of the censorship we experience.

After reading the artist’s explanation on the wall though, I realized my analysis was a bit off from what the artist had envisioned.  He stated that it was more a take on where he’s from, and a place there where nothing is permanent.  That made sense as well, but was just totally different than what I had thought.  Still, pieces of the pictures being cutout and put somewhere else on the piece signified that nothing is permanent, and overall I thought the piece was really beautiful and interesting.  Lastly, I really like the little added  touch of the grenades over on the side by the artist’s explanation.


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