Week 5 Activity- Counterfactual Identity


This weeks activity definitely had me out of my comfort zone.  As the activity was explained to us in class, I began to feel self conscious even thinking about having to dress out of my ordinary style.  I’m someone who is really into fashion and the way I look, so this was a little bit of a challenge for me.  My ordinary style really has nothing  to do with my wardrobe, so I knew I was going to try an identity of someone way more detectable to a strayer.  Friday morning as I woke up, I already had in mind what I wanted to wear for the activity.  When I was ready to go out I was all decked out in business attire.  I had on slacks, heels, and a suit jacket.

I went to a mall to do the activity, and I asked 5 people what they thought I was interested in and what my major was in college.  Four out of the five said Business without any hesitation.  The other person asked me if I was in law school.  Both really good guesses but I was going for business.  I surprisingly felt more comfortable in the outfit than I thought I would be.  I was so comfortable I ended up wearing it for the rest of the day without the suit jacket and I actually had a lot of fun.  So overall, this week I enjoyed our activity and was surprised by how easily it got me a bit out of my box.


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