Week 6 Activity- Drawing

IMG_4662 IMG_4663

This weeks activity was drawing and we did it using the French Girls app.  I really enjoyed using the app because I thought it was a cool idea that you can possibly get a really cute drawing of yourself based on a selfie for free.  I didn’t think I would be good at trying to draw pictures of other peoples faces but I think the ones I did actually turned out to be pretty okay.   I realized it wasn’t that big of a deal though when I saw the drawings people did of me.  They were funny though and it made me laugh.


The only challenge I had with this weeks activity was trying to draw a good depiction of someone else because I don’t consider myself a very good artist.  I’ve taken a few art classes and have confidence in my drawing of objects or things but I’ve never been confident in the way I draw people or faces.  So it was a little frustrating and time consuming for me to try and do a better quality drawing of people I didn’t even know.   I ended up having fun with it though and I really enjoyed looking at the popular drawings that better artists did of people on the app.


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