Week 6 Artist Interview- Emily Gross


This week the artist whose work I really enjoyed was Emily Gross.  Her work was featured in one of the smaller galleries exclusively and stuck out to me the most.  The artist’s work was called Lost and Found and as soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be the work that I talked about this week.  What the piece was consisted of many small paintings of nature and green things all layed out and arranged strategically almost like a pattern on the wall.

I didn’t really understand the title of the piece so I was interested to read the artist’s statement.  When I read it, the artist basically said that no matter where we are we always have ingrained in us where we came from.  She goes on to say that she went traveling every summer and when she did she did paintings of the landscapes that she saw and thats where this work came from. The artist also said that she wanted some type of connections to these places and although they were places that were new to her she felt some significance to it because she had family ties to the areas.


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