Week 7 Classmate Interview- Shannon Choy


This week, my partner was Shannon. We picked each other before class even began and got along well instantly. I came to find out that she is a freshman, getting the college experience a little better by living on campus. She also told me that she is a communications major so we quickly got to talking about a class I’ve already taken that she’s enrolled in right now, Comm 130. We both really enjoy that class and ended our introductions as we entered the gallery.


We were both super impressed with the first gallery we went into. The work was by the artist Kendra Hale. As we walked in it was very dark and we saw the curtain and were impressed already, wondering what we were about to see. As we went in, we loved all the different lights displayed, the flickering effect that was going, and the play of colors that was going on as well as the faces on what looked like graves. We really enjoyed the room and stood there for about 5 minutes in aw. It reminded us of Halloween as well as church and the show American Horror Story. It was also super visually appealing and interesting to just stop and stare at. We really liked it and wanted to see more of the artists work.


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