Week 7 Artist Interview- Maggie Freed and Yee Li


This week the artists whose work I found insightful was Maggie Freed and Yee Li.  There collection of pieces was titled introspection.  As soon as I walked into the gallery where it was displayed, I was in aw at how beautiful all of it was.  All the amazing colors and shapes that were painted onto the canvases really impressed me.  I photographed just a couple of them that were my favorite, as I looked for the paper in the room to try and explain the art to myself.  It was presented simply with the meaning of the word introspection, the examination of ones own mental state.

I feel like these pieces were meant to provoke our thought.  They are meant to show how complex our minds are and how a million things go on inside of us at once.  All the different colors and geometrics along with random lines all seem so random, yet they fit perfectly and coincide to look beautiful on the canvas.  I thought the work was very impressive and I was curious as to how they came up with it and how long it took them to create all of this work.  It was really beautiful and I would definitely purchase art like that for my own home.


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