Week 8 Artist Interview- Anastasia Palamarchuk

This week the artist who’s work I was really interested in was Anastasiia Palamarchuk.  Her work on selfies really interested me and had me looking in the room for 10 minutes.  The whole time I was in the gallery I kept thinking that the pieces are just so relevant to our current day and age.  Everyone today takes selfies all the time, wherever they are, with whoever they are with.  I feel like the pieces were showing how this practice has gotten a little bit out of control.


1 piece in particular saying “tap to pray” with a phone between the 2 hands praying I felt like was mocking the way we live and how we are so attached to our phones.  I’m not a regular church goer but I’ve seen people on their phones during a service many times and I feel like the piece just goes to show we don’t always realize how connected we are, we pretty much depend on all of our technology throughout the day.  I really enjoyed the pieces and thought they were visually beautiful as well.


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