Week 8 Classmate Interview- Amir Kiana


This week my partner on Thursday was Amir Kiani.  We found each other because he was talking with his friend and couldn’t remember who he promised to be partners with for the week, so he turned to me and asked if I’d be his.  He was a really nice guy and as we got to know each other I found out a lot of cool stuff about him.  First off, he is a computer science major.  That strikes me as difficult so when I asked him how he got into it he explained that in high school he was programming, and heard that the field had a lot of money in it, so he decided to stick with it.  He is also a junior and from LA, and he likes to make music and play the piano.  In his free time Amir goes with his dad to auction cars and earn a little money, and he is also a part time tutor.


Now on to the artwork!  As we went in the rooms, we both caught our eye on a colorful painting by Kiyomi Fukui.  To both of us, it looked like either an anatomically correct heart or an apple.  We both really liked it though, and thought the use of a lot of colorful was really powerful.  In regards to the meaning of it, we got a happy vibe from it and settled on believing that it was so colorful and radiant because it was meant to brighten your mood.  We really liked the piece and how unique and abstract it was.


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