Week 9 Classmate Interview- Jack Taylor


My partner this week was Jack Taylor.  He was a super cool dude and we got along great.  Jack’s major is dance, with an option in kinesiology.  He aspires to become a physical therapist for dancers, and he is also a dancer himself.  I thought this was really unique and a great idea, as I used to dance when I was younger.  As we started talking, Jack told me about why he picked that for his major and why he’s so passionate about it.  He wants to become a therapist specifically for dancers because he says they often don’t get the correct care that they need.  He told me about how dancers are different from athletes, and how they are unable to just take a few weeks off like a football player can, and must dance.  So in becoming a therapist he hopes to offer care with the understanding in mind that the dancers may have to continue to work and dance with their injuries while still healing.  When I asked Jack about hobbies there was no surprise there, he said dancing is his whole life and pretty much all he does with his time.  He is either dancing himself, teaching dance, or taking courses about dance and physical therapy.  Jack was really outgoing and I really enjoyed talking to him so going into the galleries was simple too. We both really liked this piece by Myra Flores about a playboy because of the pops of color from the pink ears and the black bow.  We were entertained by the man’s apparent straight face that was set off by wacky attire.  An interesting piece of art for sure.



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