Week 10 Artist Interview- Dana Fleming


The artist who’s work stood out to me this week was Dana Fleming.  As I walked into the gallery displaying her work I was immediately interested by the many different pieces with velvet like textures and rhinestones on all of them.  It was very creative in my opinion for her to take simple things like vases and make them look so different and new to the world.  I really like the small piece I found of a piano.  Piano’s in real life are huge, but this was about the size of my hand, and it was completely covered with rhinestones.  The name the artist chose for the gallery was “Snap Crackle Pop” and I think thats appropriate considering all the different colors and textures she was using.

In the artist’s statement, she explained that recently she’s gotten interested in objects, no matter where she is she notices them, and feels like theres so many more of them than there are actually human beings who have them.  She said her interest is in these single objects, there weight, and how they stand alone.  She made all her art with things from the thrift store and I feel like the pieces were all very beautiful and well executed with clean work.  I enjoyed her gallery and would like to see more work by her.


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