Week 10 Classmate Interview- Sara Kodak


This week my partner was Sara Kodak.  We had a lot in common and it was pretty cool getting to know her.  First off, we have the same name.  We also had on the same chucks and the same hams necklace.  Sara is a fashion merchandising major, and she is a junior here at school.  She likes to hang out at the beach in her spare time and go out to dinner with her close girlfriends.  She was super sweet and really easy to talk to and we went in the galleries together as well.


In the galleries this week, the first thing that popped out to both of us was a colorful piece by Dana Fleming.  It was a large piece hanging from the wall and soon as we sat it both of us went up to it to get a closer look.  It had a really pretty set of patterns on it that reminded us of Mexico or Guatemala, and Sara had on a purse that look remarkably like it.  We really liked the artists use of many different colors and thought the piece was really visually appealing


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