Week 11 Artist Interview- Romina Del Castillo


This week Romina’s work really stood out to me.  The beautiful portraits that were displayed all over the gallery really intrigued me as I walked in.  All of them were done beautifully and it seemed as if they had been done with extreme skill and precision and lacked any mistakes.  My favorite piece out of all of them was entitled Art History.  It showed a women in sun a natural state, and I believe that it was executed by the artist very well for having been done with charcoal and pastels.  In the room there was many pieces of work that I liked though, and I had a hard time picking.

All of the pieces had a very “raw” sense to me and I felt like they really made you wonder what was going on when this was painted, or how did the artist come up with the pose to put the person in.  They were creative while still very matter of fact and natural, and I really liked this and the way the artist really put expression on all of the people’s faces.  The title of the exhibit was Shifting Focus, and then artist stated that they were done just by observing a model and working off of their reaction to being observed.  I think the work is really beautiful and inspiring for anyone that enjoys drawing people and facial expressions.


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