Week 11 Classmate Interview- David Phan


My partner this week was David and he was really nice.  As we got to talking at the beginning of class I found out that he is a 3rd year student hear at CSULB and his major is geography.  He got into geography when he was a freshmen and took an intro level geography class because he was undeclared.  It turned out that he really liked it, so he ended up picking that as his major and running with it.  In his free time David likes to play music.  He is skilled at the drums and because of that he even has a job at a local high school teaching students to play the drums too.


As we got into the galleries we really thought the work of Wesley Hicks was unique.  All the pieces were very avant guard and different and we were intrigued by this.  We liked the use of lots of very bright colors as well as the artists use of large and small pieces and patterns.  As we checked the artists statement, we were really surprised by the explanation.  In the first line it states that the art is a reflection of the artist through a hazy mirror.  I feel like this would either mean that the artist is either really outgoing, scatter brained, or likes to be different and unique in daily life.  Overall we thought the work was really cool and enjoyed walking around the gallery and checking it out.


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