Week 12 Artist Interview- Timothy Cooper


This week the artist who’s work I enjoyed was Timothy Cooper.  At first glance I felt like it had really nice cohesion and looked very uniform and perfectly placed.  It was a really big piece and I was confused about what it would mean, but I liked it and it almost reminded me of something you’d see at LACMA or a modern museum.  When I looked at the artists statement it started to make a little more sense to me.

Timothy explained that is was “Something that means Something.”  Thats super vague but it does help describe the way it looks.  Its kinda simple but when you look it you know it must mean something important to the person who created it.  He also explained that the piece was meant to show how the work of many different people can come together like team work and creat something positive, and the artist believes that this idea of  community is a really important aspect of art.  I thought the piece was really pretty and definitely made a statement.


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