Week 12 Classmate Interview- Emily Bondoc

My partner for interviews this week was Emily Bondoc.  She was super sweet and really easy to talk to.  As we talked out I found out that she is a freshmen, and her major is Business Human Resource Management.  That sounded really intimidating to me but she explained that it’s one of the easier business majors because it doesn’t involve numbers ver much.  She wants to use the degree towards becoming basically the human resources person at an office or company.   In her free time Emily likes to hang out with friends and do stuff like try new restaurants and types of foods.  Recently, she tried a Lebanese place called magic lamp that she thought she would hate, and ended up loving it.


In the galleries we checked out Michelle Thompkins work, which was super interesting.  It started out in black and white and then evolved into super colorful pictures with a lot of detail and character.  We both really liked the artists work and thought it was super creative.  We didn’t get a chance to talk to her because she had to leave to go to a meeting with her professors but her work was great overall.  We really enjoyed all of the pieces but picked this one as one of our favorites.



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