Week 12- Activity Feedback

3 Fav Activities: Plaster Casting, Graffiti, and French girls.  These 3 were my favorite because they were more hands on and involved going out and doing something creative.

3 Least Favorite Activities: Kickstarter, ePortfolio, and Vlog.  These 3 were my least favorites because I felt like they were really forced. Some of us don’t know what we want to do yet and regardless of our major that might not be something we want to blog about.  I really like Child Development but I have no desire to blog about, make a website about, or create a kickstarted involving it.  I felt like these activities really forced us to do that even if we weren’t into it, it was a little cheesy for me.

Feedback on Class: I thought the class was cool in the aspect that we did new things every week.  I felt Tuesday class was a little tedious after the first few weeks, we talked about the same people’s work and went over last weeks work for what felt lie a dragged out hour.  Artwork at the galleries was cool but the artist tags were a little confusing for me.  I liked meeting new people but didn’t really understand what interviewing them had to do with the art itself since we were told to include personal info, so it felt more like an ice breaker course.

Improvements & Ways to Make Class Better:  Maybe change the activities, maybe do the activities during tuesday class instead of just on our own, keep the galleries they were cool every week, keep the plaster casting and graffiti projects.  Overall cool class, takes work but isn’t ridiculously hard if you keep up weekly.


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