Week 13 Classmate Interview- Matthew Savedra


My partner this week was Mat Savedra.  He was super chill and a business major.  This is his first year at csulb, and he likes it but he commutes so he feels like he doesn’t really get the full campus experience. I also found out that Mat lives in Lakewood and thats why he chose CSULB, because its close.  We talked more and I found out he used to live in San Pedro though, close to Redondo where I’m from.  After this talk we decided to go into the galleries and found some really interesting work.


The first gallery we went in together showcased the art from Kelly Zwarka.  Her work was super avant guard and different and was very unique to us.  We liked her use of odd shapes and really intense colors and contrast.  We had a hard time picking which piece we thought was the coolest so we opted to take a picture of a bunch of little pieces that were displayed together.  The artists work seemed really  creative and we both agreed that it would be a challenge for both of us to create pieces like that.


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