Week 15 Artist Interview- Troy Rounseville


This week I loved Troy Rounseville’s work! It was super weird and off beat and that fascinated me as soon as I walked in.  The exhibit started with a lot of instruments that were connected to power so that they were playing themselves.  I didn’t really understand this but I thought it was cool.  Then as a kept looking I ran into the mirror room.  This was my favorite part of the exhibit.  It was a smallish room completely mirrored and I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

I pretty much felt like the point of it was chaos, for some reason thats the way it made me feel.  The piece was called body though.  It was meant to contrast our physical experiences and the way they are portrayed through technology.  The artists ultimated question was how will technology continue to influence our relationships with our own bodies and even how we interact with each other.  It was pretty cool work and I really enjoyed checking it out!


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